Before I begin, let me just send out a prayer to the families of the 50,000 people whose lives were lost in the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti and pray for others as well, and if you cant contribute to keep those in your thoughts and prayers. 

OK, with the NFL Playoffs continuing this weekend, here are my pics to come out victorious this weekend.  In the AFC, I like the Colts over Baltimore in a close game, and the Chargers over the Jets .  In the NFC, I like the Cards to continue their playoff run and upset the Saints in what could be Kurt Warners last season, and in the other game, I’m sort of up in the air, so for that reason, I have asked a co-worker of mine, an expert in WOW but  with no knowledge of the game ( He doesnt even know what a football is…. ) to pick between the Cowboys and Vikings and he is going with the Cowboys.  In all seriousness, between a hot Cowboys team and a Vikings team led by an ageless QB in Bret Favre, who has been a thorn on my side throughout the years ( 49ER fan here….), this should be a good one.


OK, now , for some more pics, first, the two remaining classics.


A Famous Bahstan Landmark

88db.jpg 074_74 picture by dreispics


A must see for every baseball fan


f222.jpg 076_76 picture by dreispics

$45 for this seat, pillar included !!!!  Ah, the experience of watching baseball in a classic ballpark !!!!


4d48.jpg 004_04 picture by dreispics

OK, now this view is more like it….


42d5.jpg LF BLEACHERS picture by dreispics

Taken in one of the coldest May’s in over 100 years in Chicago.  This would be my first time watching a sporting event in sub-40 degree weather…..( Note, I am a native of L.A………)


5a1c.jpg 070_70 picture by dreispics

The view from the bleachers….

a0e7.jpg BELOW THE SCOREBOARD picture by dreispics

The famous scoreboard, after the game.  That blue ” L ” flag has been a familiar sight to Cubs fans over the years……


And Now We Cruise The West….


fffc.jpg 061_61 picture by dreispics

The upper reaches in the outfield, deragitorily dubbed ” Mt. Davis ” are now covered in tarps

ea45.jpg 031_31 picture by dreispics

Some of OakTowns loyal A’s fans….

ce74.jpg 017_17 picture by dreispics

A’s glory…..


9085.jpg 10-1-06 FINAL GAME OF THE SEASON DODGERS VS. GIANTS, AT&T PARK picture by dreispics

Last game of the season between the rivals…..

cb74.jpg JR. GIANTS PARK BEYOND McCOVEY COVE picture by dreispics

Where the lil’ Giants play…..

f9d2.jpg ME AND WILLIE picture by dreispics

Donning my Dodger Blue colors in McCovey cove ( The locals really loved me for that, especially since this was taken one day after we clinched the wild card up on their field !!!!!)





  1. crzblue2

    Was the last picture when Saito got the final out to clinched the WC? If so, I was there too!
    I went to Fenway Park a few years back. I watched the Red Sox against Detroit but this year I am planning to go there to see my beloved Bums.


  2. drei


    Actually, it was the day after the Dodgers clinched the WC. It was still exciting though because it was the last day of the season and we ended up sweeping the 3 game series from the hated ones. If was even more fun listening to the locals give their opinion about my preferences, if you know what I mean. Rivalry feelings aside, AT&T Park really is a nice yard.

    That would be cool if you can make it to Fenway to see our beloved Bums. One day, if the Dodgers ever make it out to Yankee Stadium I’d like to take in a Dodger-Yankee game there. I did, however, take in a Yankee-Red Sox game at old Yankee stadium back in ’06 and I can tell you some of the stuff that goes on with the fans there makes some of the Dodger fans in the LF Pavillion during Giants games look like boys scouts…….

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